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Flip, blogger !

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Helpful :

You, already, know i like experiments.  You, already, know I’m NOT a techie.  And you, already, know, dear, that this is wonderful !

From your comments, i have come to the conclusion that i was helpful.  And I’m more than happy for this.  Dear !  I’m happy !  My new friends can get an idea -if they want to- by clicking on the following category of mine :  Blocked 


Flipboard :

You, probably, know Flipboard.  However, you don’t use it.  You maybe have reasons, i don’t judge anyone.  The Flipboard is a wonderful way to create Magazines.  As many as you wish, dear.


My Idea :


It is nice to share my posts, it is nice to have followers to read my posts, and it is nice that i read you and you read me.  I think, though, this isn’t enough.  We have to make an effort to make things move a bit faster.  And i think Flipboard helps a bit.  And it’s free.  You can create an account for free.


My Way :

Since you’ re allowed to create as many magazines as you wish, you can create as many categories as you wish.  Don’t get confused by the words.  It functions like a magazine, but actually you create categories.  Each magazine is a category, the category of your preference.

And it is very simple and easy to create a magazine.  Extremely simple, dear.  From the moment you create an account, you are able to install a button at your toolbar, and through this you are able to place an article of your preference to the category (or magazine -same thing)  of your preference.  And you can do this, for every article (or post) at any blog (or site, or website).


The Example : 

Let’s assume i’m a poet, and that i like poetry, but i like, also, your poems, and the poems of a third one, and the poems of a fourth one, and etc.  And let’s say i want to create an Anthology, a collection of chosen poems : my poems, his poems, her poems, etc.

I create magazines (categories) accordingly.  Either by chronology, or by the kind of the poem (or whatever you may want to create) : 1920 -1930, or poems dedicated to the “Nature”, or to the “Soul”, or to the “Humanity”, etc.

Let’s assume, now, that i’m a visitor to your blog, and that i read a poem of yours (post) that i like and it is suitable for one of the magazines-categories i just created.  I click on the button and, automatically, i place it to the magazine-category of mine.  I can do the same at any blog (site, or website).

My next movement is to use my widget area, and to place a suitable picture (Collection : Poetry of the period 1920 -1930, or Poems for the Soul, or whatever you think is suitable to write on the picture) with a link leading to the Flipboard Magazine – Category.

I can, also, place the picture to different posts of mine, and i’ll make the promotional picture linkable, in order for the reader to visit -if he/she wishes- the Magazine.


Benefits :

When the reader visits my magazine, and he clicks on a post, in order to read it, immediately he/she visits your blog (site, or website).  When he/she clicks on a second poem – post to read, immediately he/she visits the site of the author / poet / blogger of this particular poem – post.  And the story goes on.

And, of course, the reader will be able to visit your blog if you have placed poems-posts of yours in the magazine.

The reader will be able to share the posts, to like, or whatever.

The reader will be happy, since he/she has found something unique, and he/she will visit your blog and your magazine again and again.

You will be happy.  You created a wonderful collection.  And you help not only yourself but your friends or the poets / bloggers you like.

There are more benefits, but i stop here for the moment.


My Magazine : 

You may click on the images to get an idea.  No matter which one you are going to click, you ‘ ll be linked to the same magazine.   I place three images to get an idea what you can do.  One of the images is in my widget area.  I gave the following name to the Magazine (which is actually a category) : Travel MaG

The visitor is able to visit not only my articles on the topic, but your articles, also.  Through me, you earn  clicks / views / visitors / followers / likes / sharings / and the story goes on.  I wish I was helpful.  Take care, dear friends.

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19 thoughts on “Flip, blogger !

    1. You’ re welcome, NZain. Vimeo has, also, a free version, and it is ad-free, dear. Additionally you can monetize your videos, if you wish (but, i think this comes with a paid plan, anyway it is ad free even when you’ re on the free plan.)


      1. Awesome! This seems to be the direction I’m heading. Add free is good. Not thinking money at this point—still too much to learn and develop. Just want to hone my skills and craft. Thank you again, Outosego! I certainly do appreciate your input.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course i will follow.

      This is what i get when i scroll down my feed. This appears to be the last post of yours, but this is your new domain, isn’t it ? I scrolled down further, though, but i couldn’t find anything else. I don’t know if i missed anything while i was scrolling down. Here’s the picture :

      However, when i click on your name as is right now on your Gravatar, this is what i get :

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      1. Just one more question, if you click now on the gravatar of this very comment, does it not appear the new address? Sorry for all the inconvenience…

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  1. I also said something about this last post of yours, but it seems I didn’t save it properly. I said I like the whole project of yours. It is the way it should work. I really enjoy it and find it very useful for everyone. There’s a lot of generosity too in the project 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Need to ask you a favour, by the way. Could you check if my last publication appears in your feed? I’ve changed the name of my domain and I’m not sure I’ve kept the “followers”. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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