Hire, Calgary

Dear Calgary, I want a job.

Wonderful skills, dear V !

Now, Calgary, it is your turn, dear.

outosego .com

Just Vee Cause

Dear Calgary,

I want a job. A full-time job.

I’m a 30 year old Marketing/Communications/PR professional with a decade of industry experience working for provincial and national organizations. I have a degree in Marketing/General Business and keen insights on the changing economy, culture and societal norms in Alberta and all of Canada.

Here’s a snapshot of what I bring to the table:

  • First-hand experience creating and implementing best-class brand strategy and marketing plans from the ground up
  • Demonstrated skills in multidisciplinary relations, storytelling and presentation
  • The ability to develop and oversee complex digital media (national scale) and social media strategies (audience of 90,000+), which include:
    • Managing the planning, communication and implementation of all strategies
    • Execution and management of paid social media advertising campaigns
    • Tracking defined KPIs and analytics to support digital integration
  • In-depth experience coordinating successful email marketing campaigns to grow audience, readership and specifically meet ROI
  • Expertise in Adobe…

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2 thoughts on “Dear Calgary, I want a job.

    1. I saw previous comments asking for permission, and since you were ok with the sharing, i said why not to proceed, dear V. Otherwise, I would have asked. I wish you all the best.


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