Spams of the day, dear !

The Liker !… hahahahahahahahhaha :

He/She/It likes everything !  I can’t stop laughing with this !…

at home for the post


The Confused :

He/She/It -the second account-  finds my post interesting but he is commenting at my HOME page.

at home for the post

The Educated :

Every other second, he/she/it makes the same comment.  Educated nerd !  Dear !  I just picked only two.  There are so many, dear !  But, always, it is a different user.


Ps : Take care and enjoy, dear friends.  Thank you spammers !  Let me play a song.


3 thoughts on “Spams of the day, dear !

    1. haha… thank you, both of you ! Actually, you’ re on the spot. The theme, or the lyrics -if you wish- of this piece of music are talking about a cat. A male cat ! A Casanova male cat !… haha… but he was a bit unfortunate at the end.

      I enjoy your comments. Thank you.

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