Thank You Dear Readers…#10.

Dear friends, Steve is a wonderful blogger, and this is a post to thank his readers. At the same time he mentions a few things you should know, and, please, PAY ATTENTION.

A few bloggers -wonderful bloggers- gave up. They stopped blogging. They stopped writing their wonderful thoughts, or experiences. The reason behind their decision to stop blogging is the so-called bullying. They were being bullied by -apparently- some other bloggers. What a shame !

Unfortunately, i have to change the tone of my voice and to say : Do not give a fuck for the so-called bullies. Their intention is to hurt you, psychologically, by writing inappropriate comments or by sending you emails with inappropriate content.

There are wordpress functions that allow you to unfollow, to block, to report. Take advantage of it.

On the other hand -and despite the problems we, all, are facing in our lives- it is different to be 40, or 50, or 60 years old and to deal with this kind of bullying, and it is much more different to be 14, 15, 16. It is self explanatory, isn’t it. And most of the bloggers in our present days are young. They know how to use the so-called technology. And they like to express themselves through this kind of medium, which is wonderful. And i have to admit that despite the fact they are young, they write wonderfully. I feel like they are my kids, my children, and i’m so proud when i see their wonderful poetry, their artwork, their inspiration. So proud !

I was raised a bit differently. The term “bullying” was an unknown term back then. Not that there were no bullies. But we were fighting back. And that was it. Things have changed, of course. The young people are more sensitive. Not that we weren’t sensitive back then, but these days, back then, were different in so many ways.

Anyway, we have to protect and support the bloggers who are facing these kind of issues. However, and because we are talking about the web and the internet, it is important for the bloggers to know how to protect themselves and to hit a few buttons, dear, in order to send to the wonderful hell the people who they don’t know anything else, and they don’t know another job, they don’t know other than bullying the neighbour in the neighbourhood and the blog-sphere !

I ‘ll try to write a guide on this, to help as much as i can. Until then, though, i ask from the bloggers who gave up to re-think, and to come back. Why not ? Dear ! You have to come back.

My apologies, Steve, and dear friends, for writing so many words. I wish you, all, great health, happiness and longevity.

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Hello once again everyone!  I had actually planned to do this Thank You post back in July, but for some reason it kept getting delayed.  Not good.  Since the time I first thought of this one 2 bloggers have stopped and I wanted both of them to see this Thank You post.  Won’t happen now.  Both of them had problems with what they called ‘haters’.  Those are bullies who harass other bloggers, constantly giving them a hard time, causing a lot of stress.  They were after me as well.  Talking with Ilona when she was still here, we found that both of us had some of the same haters giving us a hard time, not wanting to leave us alone.IMG_7118

I will admit, I nearly stopped blogging myself.  It does cause a lot of stress having to deal with these people.  We need to stand up to these online bullies. …

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17 thoughts on “Thank You Dear Readers…#10.

  1. Great information! I do not understand why some people can be so cruel. I even feel a bit sorry for them that they feel cruelness and hatred inside instead of gratitude and peace. I love that there are so many good and supportive people in the blogging community!

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  2. Wonderful to bring this up! Now, I don’t know the exact reasons why people stop blogging—it is their choice. And I respect that —let them go. It can be stressful. If you let it. And it’s ok to walk away, take a break.

    I think too, the stress of “stardom” too much too fast is also difficult to deal with. The self-expectations. The competition. The “highs and lows” All of it! Raises the question, “what (or who) am I doing this for?”

    As for negative comments, well my blog is about surviving childhood emotional abuse. I did encounter many nasty comments from Twitter—outright mean people who wanted to cut me down. And with each I would just simply refer them to my blog—see chapter “From Your Ashes I Arise”. And ya know, some even came back and apologized to me.

    But it’s true. These beautiful young souls who express themselves so wonderfully—get bullied by insecure jealous kids—just like I did growing up. And where are those kids today? Haven’t a clue. But I sleep well at night and I sing during the day.

    When we can see bullies for what they truly are—-then they lose their power to hurt. It is that simple. 🌻
    And to those bloggers who are feeling stung by bullies—where there is hurt, there is also healing. 🙏🏻

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  3. I just don’t understand why people do this? It’s beyond comprehension, they clearly need help. Sending Ilona and Sophie our very best wishes in the hope that they may decide to return. You’re sorely missed girls.

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    1. I think, Sheree it is because they see blogging as a race that they have to compete for the so-called “followers”, and they are somehow jealous of the popularity of some bloggers. This is one reason, of course.

      Another reason might be the different opinion they have for the topic that the blogger is writing about. Well, instead of making a critique or having a discussion, they prefer to start cursing or whatever. I want to be honest with this and to say that sometimes i’m getting pissed with some articles which are written from the so-called “experts” but either i make a discussion or i avoid writing a comment and i write a post of mine on the topic instead.

      Another reason might be that they are totally crazy as you say, and they need some kind of help. But who’s gonna help them ? We are not specialists… lol…

      Another reason is that they want to turn the lights on them, and they use different kind of the so-called “techniques”. It’s so easy, anyway, to create as many sites as you wish and to change names and identity instantly, and to insist on this kind of “bullying”, since to create a blog is free.

      I’m sure you’ ve noticed what is going on with the so-called “spams” (who doesn’t ?). You’ve noticed, also, that many of the likes or the followers do not have a valid site, but they have an account and they can click on buttons.

      Many reasons, dear Sheree. I think, though, that the sensitive bloggers should become a bit tougher, and instead of giving up, to fight back. We are not on the streets, we are on the web, on the air. They better say something, or they better use the block, the unfollow, the report buttons, instead of giving up. I understand that it becomes stressful if you’ re too much into blogging or the social and you’ re taking everything for granted. I don’t know what else to say.

      I’m pretty sure, though, that in the case of Sophie, for example, the bullying comes from bloggers or accounts of the same age.

      My apologies for writing so many words, Sheree. To change the conversation a bit, i want you to know that Gen – X, which is a wonderful blogger, traveler and adventurist, love your recipes. I placed a link leading to your cookery category in a post of mine which is actually an entertaining music clip. Take care Sheree. Thanks for your comment on this.

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