Join The Herd – 220/365

Wonderful pictures, Gav ! I love the Cows !

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I’m not sure why, but I’ve held a desire to photograph some cows for some time now, and with us heading over to Hollys parents this evening, I thought I might get my chance; as there are often cows in the field at the back of their garden.

Unfortunately, the cows were not in the field at the back of the house, they were nowhere to be seen! So, I settled down with everyone else to enjoy our alfresco Chinese meal.

After dinner, I asked Izzy if she’d take me for a walk, where her granddad takes her walking, to see if we could find the cows. She agreed, and we set off.

Genuinely, I didn’t know the way, so Izzy led me. We went to the top of the farm yard, and then turned left through a big old gate.

“Are you sure this is the way?” I asked…

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