Michalis Nikolinakos

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Obligation :

I feel it as an obligation, for no reason, to write a few words for the gentleman that you see in the pictures.  I mean i never met him, and i’m not a relative.  He would have been my grandfather if he was alive.

Touched :

However, i was touched by his biography, and by his own words, and by his art, and by his pictures.  When i take a look at his pictures, it feels like he is alive, that the pictures were taken yesterday.

Beauty :

It is obvious that he was really handsome.  Really handsome.  And, sometimes, we faulty make the mistake to presume, or to presuppose, or to make the wrong assumption that it is impossible for a beautiful girl or a beautiful boy to have some kind of “depth”, to be multi talented and cultivated.

Fine arts :

Michalis was an actor for a while.  He didn’t make a lot of movies, though.  I think it is because he was attracted by the art of painting.  He wanted to become a painter.  If you visit his website you’ ll find out that he was a great painter.  It is written in the front page the following :

“If i paint, this is something i owe to the uninterrupted presence of the Sun, of the Earth, of the People.  I don’t wear glasses, i look the sun straight in the eyes, and i accept the earth much more kinder than she would accept me.”

World War II :

After resisting to the Italians and the attack of Mussolini, Greece had to resist to the Germans, also.  Since it was unthinkable and unbearable for Hitler the defeat of Mussolini’s army.  The defeat of Italy forced Germany to intervene.  After a certain period of time, the Germans managed to invade Greece.  The period is well known as the period of “The Occupation”.

Despite the occupation, though, the Greeks managed to create some forces of resistance in the country.   Michalis was young back then, a teenager, and he used the walls of Athens as a canva to write slogans, or messages for the Athenians not to give up, to have courage, to be proud and to resist.  And, additionally, he was making a few sketches on the walls -and not only- in order to give his messages a dynamic and a powerful tone.

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outosego .com

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Ps :  Ι would love to write a few more words.  However, i think i should better stop here.  At least, for the moment.  You may visit his website and take a look at the wonderful work of his.  Despite the fact it is written in Greek, you can always click on the translation button, or you may just and just only make a tour taking a look at his pictures and his artwork.  Thank you, dear friends, for passing by.  I feel i paid my duty.  You may click on : Michalis Nikolinakos

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