poor Ulysses

Ulysses, the poor

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Ulysses death :

Accidentally, Ulysses, was killed by a son of his.   A son he had out of his marriage.   Telegono(u)s – the son of Ulysses with Circe – killed Ulysses, accidentally.


Penelope :

Penelope + Telegono(u)s (Ulysses’ son with Circe) = Love = Marriage


Circe :

Circe + Telemacho(u)s (Ulysses’ son with Penelope) = Love = Marriage


Ithaca :

Abandoned.  The four of them decided that it would be much more beneficial to live all together  at Circe’s island.  From which Ulysses wanted to escape, and to go back to his Penelope !


Immortality : 

Circe made them immortal.  Ulysses denied immortality, since there was a term.  The term was to stay and to live with Circe for ever.


Today :

They are having fun.  They are immortal, dear.


Ps :

Poor Ulysses !


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