Beauty can kill

Beauty can kill

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Watch out :

A professor i had.  He used to say : “Watch out, my wonderful young people, because beauty can kill”.



Keep your eyes opened :

“Of course, you’ re young, strong, beautiful… and you must enjoy each and every second of your life.  You should taste all the wonderful juices of life, and do not postpone… do not say : i have time.  Keep your eyes opened, be aware, be conscious, and be careful because beauty can kill…”



Helen of Troy :

“Don’t you see what happened ?  With Helen ?” …hahahahahhahaha…

“Thousands upon thousands were killed for the sake of beauty !…” And he used to give an example from a few lyrics of a poem : “For an empty shirt !” …hahahahahahahaha…

“But we cannot blame the beauty on this, and for this, like the poet did.  We just can’t.  Beauty is beauty, and that’s it.  So, you better keep your eyes opened”.



Nature :

“When you see a thunderbolt, you say to thyself : Wow, scary but beautiful. This kind of beauty can kill, though.  Be careful.”


outosego .com

Ps 1 :  I’m pretty sure, dear friends, you have heard the same things, and suggestions from somewhere around you, from your “environment”.  From your parents, your grandparents, your teachers.  This is not new to you.  However, a few memories came to visit Outosego, and i started laughing a bit.  Then i started feeling some kind of nostalgia for the time and the days back then.

Ps 2 :  He was a sweet man, and he was right.  And he was right about the Chronus who loves to eat his children.  Zeus, and his brothers, never won the fight.  Fake news, dear friends, from the journalists of the era.  Take care, and keep your eyes opened.

outosego .com





Beauty can kill

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