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She gave you the marvelous journey


Ithaca, NY | USA

Ithaca, NY


Ithaca, Ionian Islands | Greece



Ithaca… with passion
Σάββας Γεωργίου | Savvas Georgiou
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Ithaca | Ulysses


Ithaca | Cavafy

5 thoughts on “She gave you the marvelous journey

  1. I was always reluctant to reading The Odissey —although I might surely have when I was in my philology studies together with other classics. I don’t remember many of the musts of that time in my life—. Don’t ask me why. I have read derivations of the piece, I have read Homer’s daughter by Robert Graves, and about to read Circe a new novel by Madeline Miller; also, I have seen and heard multiple versions of it. As I said, I was always reluctant because it’s always been a must and not something felt as a need from inside. But there’s something that tells me I should give it a try and fight the moment. That’s why I always have a sample of The Odissey near me to board. After seeing and hearing your post, I say it is right the time. Thank you 🙂

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    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment of yours. You’ re absolutely right. When something is labeled as a “must”, and -somehow- you’ re forced to “do”, or whatever, it doesn’t work. I have the same attitude. Thanks again.

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      1. My thanks to you. Your post has enlivened my efforts and I’m going to give a go. As muchy as it needs. That statue of Odysseus (I pressume) is just stunning, really! 🙂

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