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When you reblog

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Reblog Button

To click on the “reblog” button, when you visit another blogger and you like what you read, and you want to share his/her post or article, is a wonderful gesture, dear.


Do Not Forget

Your sex appeal, dear.  I’m joking !  Do NOT forget, dear, to go to your own blog, to go to your own website, to find the post that you just reblogged and click on EDIT, in order to place this post to a category, and, of course, to TAG accordingly.  That’s all, dear.  Now, the job is done wonderfully.

If you respect the author, which i have no doubt that you respect him/her -this is the reason you reblogged his/her post, because you respect him/her, dear- you should follow the steps i just wrote above.  Let me play a song.



5 thoughts on “When you reblog

  1. So I guess I have been doing this incorrectly the whole time. I was just hitting reblog thinking it was like a retweet or Facebook share. I will try this tip.

    1. If yo don’t wish to make a comment, you can hit it the way you just said. If you regret that you didn’t make a comment, you can always find the reblogged post and go edit and write a few things which they will appear to the reblogged post. What i find wrong is -in general- not to create categories, since this is beneficial for the blogger in many ways. Thank you, Nyri, for your comment.

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