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Audio Poema… lo viejo, lo nuevo

“… seconds to minutes, minutes to hours”

Just, and just only wonderful, dear friends ! This is a wonderful poem. The title of the poem is : Lo Viejo, Lo Nuevo | The Old, The New.

The name of the poet – the one who wrote this wonderful poem- is : Luis S. González-Acevedo.

You, already, know the name of the poetess. In case you don’t, her name is Yvonne Torregrosa Barcón.

My suggestion -especially to the young people who love poetry- is to click on the audio and pay attention to Yvonne’s voice.

outosego .com

Ps : Even if you don’t speak the language, you’ ll be able to understand what “color” means, what stress “is” and you will feel the different “curves” of the language through the -well known to you- rhythm. Enjoy, dear friends. Thank you, Luis. Thank you, Yvonne.

outosego .com

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