poem – tiny little times

Matt -or Mathew- is a wonderful writer. He is a wonderful poet, ladies and gentlemen. A wonderful creator. And this is one of his poems which i really like. He acknowledges he underestimated this one. Fortunately, he didn’t throw it away.

Since i like to pay attention to the words, all i can say for the moment -without writing a further analysis- is that i see some wonderful keywords in this one. Can you ?

You may click on the following link to take a look at his published work, dear friends, which is wonderful :

Ps : When the discussion comes around poetry and literature, I use to say : Spare a dime, brother. Take care, dear friends, and spare a dime.

15 thoughts on “poem – tiny little times

  1. This lifted my spirits this morning as I am suffering from the loss of a childhood friend. I remember his laugh. Unfortunately he left us in similar fashion as his father. To me, it’s a bit tragic. Thank you for the kind words and for helping me today.

    1. Oh, my gosh ! Sorry to hear this, Matt. I didn’t expect this one, dear.

      Ps: I know it sounds weird but i like to thank you for this comment of yours. Do not misunderstand me on this. I have my reasons, Matt. And i would love to ask you different kind of questions on this. Not now, not yet, though, but when the time is an appropriate one. Take care.

        1. Thank you, Matt. I’m not in a hurry. I’ll find a way to communicate this conversation of ours. i’ll come in touch, or come in touch when you are cool and calm and when you have time, dear. Thanks again.

      1. And how I really love to have you in the blogging world! You really shine and make the whole place bright for us 🙂
        Thank you so much!
        (P.S. I am so sorry but the link isn’t opening 🙁 )

        1. Oh ! Thank you, dear. Draron, do you have some time to help me a bit, since i want to find out why the link doesn’t work. This is very important to me. The link is actually a vimeo video. And there is no meaning if i’m the only one who is able to watch it.

          1. Oh surely!
            When I open your comment, the link appeared at first. Then suddenly, it vanished. Now, there is neither a link nor a video in my comment section. But I’d check your site again and maybe I can see it 🙂

                1. Thank you for you help, Dragon Warrior. I really do appreciate your kind words.

                  Ps : Please, do not hesitate to write a feedback when you notice something unusual or a link that doesn’t work when you are on the wp_”Reader” area.

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