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Create categories and an “About” page


i’m NOT a techie

… and this is wonderful, dear !   Fortunately, i’m more than this.  I wouldn’t be Thyself, if i was a techie, dear.  NO, fucken way !


the Spirit

When i visit your blog, dear, i discover some, wonderfully, written speech.  I discover some, wonderfully, written poetry.  My next hit is on your “About” page.  Because i want to know the “identity” of the wonderful creature who he/she happens to be The Creator that i really admire his/her writing style, or his/her mind, or his/her spirit.


no “About” page

If there is no “About”, i feel disappointed, and dishearten.  I can’t follow you.  To be honest, sometimes, i follow, but this is rare, very rare.  You, probably, don’t care much about this, since you only care for expressing Thyself, and that’s it.  Which is wonderful, dear.  I won’t put any blame on you for this.  This is how your Soul feels, and i respect your Soul, dear.


 do not reveal your identity

On the other hand, if the barrier is your wish not to reveal Thyself -which is fully understandable- you may create an “About” page without revealing Thyself.  You’ re a poet, dear, find something to write about without revealing your identity.  You don’t have to.  You’ re not obligated to.  However, i’ ll be more than happy to follow.  This is how “psychology” -and not only- works, dear.


movement forward

If your wishful thought is to move a bit forward, to work on your poetry, and to be published, or to publish your poetry on your own, the categories will help you organize your poems.

1. Think the categories as if when you think of the collections, and give a name to the categories accordingly.  It’s simple, and it is beneficial, dear. 

2. You can visit your categories any time you wish and work on your poems, if you wish to work on them. 

3. You have already a category which is a collection at the same time, and you can visit different kind of platforms to publish your collection, which is actually the category of yours in your blog.

4. The visitor of your blog can easily search for your posts, or for your poetry by searching the category of his/her preference.


outosego .com

Ps : You’ ll remember Outosego, one day in the future, dear.  Let me play a song.  Thank you for passing by, and for liking Outosego, and for having a discussion with Outosego, here and there.  I really do thank you.


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