A Special Thank You! 🌹 — ❦ Shades of Grace ❦

To a special lady and a special writer (or blogger, dear).  To Kara, and the shades of grace.

From the deepest depths of my heart, i would like to thank you, Kara, for accepting the nomination, and for accepting to join and to become involved in this kind of activity. I really do thank you, dear. I read your articles, and i know what you are going through. I know this wasn’t an easy decision.

Wonderfully written answers, dear. I really like the fact that you were influenced by a mom, Alex’s mom. I won’t write more, Kara, but i do understand more… I really do wish to get the Award. You’ re Special, dear, and not only as a blogger. I’m sending you my best wishes, Kara, for great health, happiness and longevity. Take care.

outosego .com

I am very pleased and humbled to accept the “Special Blogger Award” from a very special blogger, himself, Outosego! Please visit his blog where you will find unbelievably beautiful graphics, cool music, writing, and just all around awesomeness! Outosego || thoughts I wish to pay it forward to the following recipients: Dave at: “The Phoblography” […]

via A Special Thank You! 🌹 — ❦ Shades of Grace ❦

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