Lord, don't fuck with me

Lord, don’t fuck with me

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I hit back, Lord

A few years ago, i was visiting a beloved one at the hospital. Across the room was another patient. The gentleman was whispering : “Oh, Lord, i’m ready…”. The only Lord in the room was Outosego.

I went next to him, and i started talking to him. He was happy having a conversation with the unknown Lord. He had some wonderful stories to tell. Stories from the past, from when he was young and immortal. Outosego was really happy, for i managed to give him the chance to talk with a Lord. Then, after a few hours, and as i was walking away, i heard him whispering again the same words : “Oh, Lord, i’m ready…”.


Ps : Well, Lord, -whatever or whoever you are- Outosego is not ready. Outosego will never be ready, and stay away. Keep your distance. Don’t fuck with me, cause i hit back, Lord.



5 thoughts on “Lord, don’t fuck with me

      1. I understand. But, you were right….your voice on this kind of topic is a little different, but it’s beautiful, for sure. It invokes many flutters and smiles! 💪😎😉

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