Alexandria : outosego

visit Florin Ion Firimita :


All the credits belong to Florin Ion Firimita, dear friends.  Visit the dodho magazine to take a look at the wonderful project which is entitled : The Bookstore Project, by Florin Ion Firimita

And, of course, you may visit the official website of the photographer by clicking on the following  :  Florin Ion Firimita | FIF STUDIO


Ps : My story goes like this.  Harold has always a look.  He can’t believe his eyes.  He is, always, surprised, speechless, in shock, but curious at the same time.  And he is everywhere.  The years are gone, but not for Harold.  Harold is always of the same age, inside and out.  The years are gone for the wonderful girl.  Who she happened -that rainy day, back then- to find a shelter to cover herself.  And Alexandria was the shelter.  No one else was in there.  At least that’s what she thought.  She took off her clothes in order to dry them, and she stood in front of the bookcase looking for a book to read.  The rest are… memories !



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