Catalonia | Spain

You must come to Catalonia, Outosego !



This is what Altair said, dear !  And i pay attention to the words :

“You must come to Catalonia !  We have everything : sun, mountain, sea, wine, anchovies, dance, guitar and joy.”


I have an invitation, dear !





Outosego said : “I Love anchovies, Altair”

Altair said : “The best anchovies are in Collioure and you will also have wine that forms under the sun …”

And Altair’s suggestion is to visit the following place : DOMAINE PIÉTRI GÉRAUD  to buy anchovies.   And some wine, dear.  Take a look :








I can’t say “No” to this wonderful invitation.  I just can’t, dear !  Outosego is happy, and  ready to leave his living room behind.  I ‘ll be back, though.  Catalonia, i’m on my way, dear.





water : Sourotiimageedit_1214_8379230655

Ps 1 :  Thank you, Altair, for this wonderful invitation of yours.  Dear friends, you may click on the following address to visit Altair’s wonderful blog : altairtheatre .com

Ps 2 :  You may click on the following address to visit Pietri Geraud : DOMAINE PIÉTRI GÉRAUD 

Ps 3 : You may click on the following address to visit the place and to buy some extra anchovies, if you wish and if you like anchovies : Anchois Roque

Ps 4 :  And, of course, we have to visit the wonderful Catalonia, one day.  Thank you, dear friends, for passing by, and for liking Outosego.


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