Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens in Athens

A Traveler For Food

Mark Wiens is a wonderful traveler, dear. He discovered a few places in Athens that -if you’ re not local- it’s hard to find. Cheers, Mark. Wonderful job, dear.

Mark enjoys food. I don’t blame him. Visit his facebook page, dear friends, and enjoy some wonderful videos of his, from all over around the world, dear : Migrationology

Rare Discoveries of Mark’s

haha… to find the first place/ tavern he visited in Athens is really difficult if you’ re not local. This an awesome tavern. I used to visit this place a lot. Nothing special, though as a place. I mean not a special decoration or things and stuff. Just a simple tavern. But the food, dear, is just and just only wonderful.

Connect with Mark Wiens

Here’s his you tube channel : Mark Wiens | You Tube

Here’s his insta : Mark Wiens | Instagram

Here’s his web store, if you wish to get t-shirts and caps.  Why not ? Click on : Mark Wiens | Web store

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