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from a rose you might get a thorn

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… and from a thorn you might get a rose



The Youngest

He was the youngest of his brothers, and he made the trip to Amerika, back in 1898.  I couldn’t find his arrival documents at Ellis Island, due to a fire which destroyed most of the archives from 1898 and back.  This is what they told me, at least, at Ellis.  And i believe them because they are very well organized, dear.  And if you wish to search your relative’s arrival at Ellis, click on the following link, dear :

Ellis Island | Search Archives


His Promise

He gave his promise to a friend of his, while he was in Amerika, to marry his sister at his return back home.  And he kept his promise, despite the fact he never saw her, not even a picture of hers.  She was older than him, and not beautiful, dear.  She was a character, though, and a wonderful soul, like his.  Their three daughters were, unbelievably, beautiful.


From a thorn, you might get a rose, dear

That’s what they say.  The people, dear.  That you might get a rose from a thorn.  In terms of beauty, and not only.  I  remember my grandmother’s  sisters.  They were extremely beautiful.  And my grandma was a wonderful rose.  I, still, remember the people passing by, saying : “Hello, beautiful Konstantina”, or ” Good morning, beautiful Konstantina”, or “How are you today ?  Beautiful Konstantina !”.  I still remember her smiling.

Her existence and her presence, though, meant much more to me.  The word “beautiful” doesn’t describe much for the unique soul of hers, and her purity, and her kindness, and her generosity.

She used to say : “I can’t explain why i Love you so much” , or “i will always Love you, even when i’m dead”.

Her father died young but she had memories, and she used to say : “We had a father, a wonderful one… we had a father”.

You were, and, still, are beautiful, my wonderful Konstantina.  I Love you, deeply, grandma.  We all Love you, deeply.




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