I’m deeply touched by this wonderful letter -and tribute- to your father, Yvonne. I prefer to reblog and not to make a comment. Thank you, dear, and take care.

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  1. Querido papá | Dear dad

    Dear dad,
    how about this trip?
    I have not known
    anything about you for a while,
    but I don’t forget you,
    that’s why I am writing this message.

    It’s been a long time since you left.
    didn’t carry luggage on the sailboat that took you.
    You left us your smiles,
    your good work and
    your always friendly treatment.

    Dear dad,
    don’t you call me,
    did you forget me?
    I know it’s been a while
    since you left.

    Sometimes …
    I think I perceive your scent
    or I seem to hear your key.

    Dad, I remember you so much.
    You will navigate the Strait,
    you will be sailing other seas.
    The northern lights saw,
    sometimes you
    accompanied dolphins ,
    exotic landscapes on your trips you
    And luckily … you
    also saved yourself from tragedies.

    So many lived stories,
    You told me many.
    But dad,
    I miss you.

    Here, in this drawer
    I keep all your letters
    and also the postcards.
    On how many sleepless nights
    affectionate letters accompany me from far away

    Yvonne Torregrosa

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