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reverting the site

I had to revert the site

I had to revert the site, or the website, or the blog, to the previous status, the “blog status”, without, though, losing the “business plan”.


Plugins messed up my blog

I had to, since a few plugins messed up my blog.  Additionally, i sent my observations with the awful changes to the wordpress .com, to the techies, in order to help them understand -not only for my personal interest, but for their interest too, and for the interest of anyone who is a blogger, a wp_user, or whatever- and, probably, fix a few things on the “Global” mode.


Export and Backup

When you’ re at the “blog status”, you can always export your data.  I don’t see any other option of creating the so-called backup, when you’ re at the “blog status”.

When you upgrade, though, to the “business plan”, the Jetpack activates more of its functionalities, and you can download a backup from the “activity log”.  There are three dots (they, also, call it “elipsis”) next to an activity event, you click on and you have two options.  One of them is to download a back up, of your whole blog, from this particular day, and use it as a restore point, just in case.  You can still export your data, you still have the first option.

In any case, the first thing you should do when you upgrade your plan and you activate the plugin status is to play around with the Jetpack plugin, to find the activity log and download a backup, before starting installing other plugins.  Why not, export your data too, by going to the : dashboard > tools > export > export you content | export all .



“New” observations

Just some pics.  I’m tired, for the moment, to explain more.  My apologies, dear friends.  But you can always find more info, if you click on the category of mine which is : outosego | blocked blogger


another image on the editor in the post

feature image

hovering over the likes is back

images are back on the comment field

insta back to normal

NO css errors

Screenshot (2)

Search button

the feature image on the editor

twitter posts are back

videopress videos are back


PS : Despite my critique to the wp .com, i want to thank you guys, you on the helpdesk of the wp .com.

My critique has nothing to do with you, and this why i wrote to you : “don’t take it personal”.  I wrote to you more than this, but i was kind, wasn’t i ?

I have nothing against you or against anyone. I know how hard it is to work on the so-called helpdesk.  You try to do whatever is possible to help the people.

This is why i wrote the following :

PS : I’m not the type of person who enjoy making other people’s life difficult or hard. Not at all, dear. Neither i do care about the money. But i do pay attention to the words. Especially when the words are written, or come out of the mouth of a big company. Imagine that this problem, or issue of mine was caused by three plugins, and not from a natural disaster. Probably, it isn’t a big of a deal . But i would like to secure thyself and to go on -with the business plan- clean from any conflicts that these plugins might have caused. Undoubtedly, i will have to test and use plugins again. But this is how it works, doesn’t it ? Additionally, i want to mention that i’m a type of person who likes to observe and to help with my observations other people. So, when a company asks for a feedback from the clients -for whatever reason, even if it is a fake statement and kindness, to make a show off- i do not hesitate to write my opinion. This is the reason why i sent you the notices you got -from the articles of mine- with the changes i observed. To help you, and to give you ideas, since i do care – not only about my site, but about the aesthetics too, and how someone can promote thyself or his business, and how to look great -not only at their sites but at the backend, the “reader”, the “Global” mode, where the game is played. This is the reason why a few categories of mine are dedicated to the “Video tests” and to the “Blocked Blogger”. Furthermore, i write a guide on this, which i think is going to be helpful for the new wp_user or account. Have a wonderful day, dear. I wish you great health, happiness and longevity. Do not misunderstand my intentions. I have nothing against anyone, and i do appreciate your kindness and your help.


Thank YOU


Here’s a song :

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