Why do i have to lose the "Follow Button" ? On the Business Plan ? Wordpress ? .COM ?

At last ! A reply ! From W.com


On Twitter, dear | At last a reply from W.com

My question to wordpress .com was :

– Can you, please, explain, this ? @wordpressdotcom? I’m on the business plan, and i’m allowed to install plugins. Why do i have to lose the “Follow Button” ?

A kind human being wrote a reply :

– In order to support plugins there are necessary behind the scenes changes which include the loss of this button. It can be replaced with a widget. Let me know if you need any help getting that set up.

My new question to wordpress .com is the following, since they have a data base, a library and a blog full of instructions to help the bloggers, and this is a pretty logical question, unless if this is a secret :

– Is there a written guidance, or a written instruction -on this topic- in your wp #blog, or your @wordpressdotcom website ? To make your life easier.






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