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About Me, not about Us

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Introduce your Self, dear.  Write something About Thyself, and create a page.  Dear !  You’ ll remember me one day.  You’ re gonna say : Outosego was right !

You can’t imagine how beneficial this is for a blogger, a writer, a poet, an artist, or Thyself.  You can’t imagine.  And i feel sad when i visit a wonderful writer, or a wonderful poet, or a wonderful artist, and there is NO “About” page on the menu of his /her blog, or website.

The weird thing is that some of the bloggers do not have an about page, but they have a wonderful Gravatar with some wonderful information about Thyself.   And i say to Thyself : either they are crazy, or they are confused a bit and they don’t know how to move around.

Dear, copy the information about yourself, the one you wrote in the Gravatar box, and paste it in the page you’ re gonna create.  The title you’ re gonna give to this page should be something like this :

About Me, or About Outosego, or About whatever your name (or nick name) is, or About… think of something, dear. 

Then, go to “customize” at your dashboard, click on it in order for the “customizer” to open, and find your menu, and add the new page of yours.  It’s easy, dear.  DO IT NOW !


Ps 1:  When i visit you, the new blogger, if not my first, my second hit or click,  is on your “About” page.  However if there is no “About” page in your menu, i won’t follow you very easily.  Unless if you’ re talented, dear.  I’m pretty sure you are talented, though.  This is the reason i insist on creating an “About” page, introducing thyself to us, the visitors.

Ps 2:  NOT  “About Us”, dear !  Never !  Avoid this title for your “About” page.  You should prefer to write : About Me, or About Outosego, or About whatever your name, or nickname is, or About… think of something, dear.  Unless, if you’ re a company or  an organization.

Ps 3:  We shall prevail, dear.  Thank you for your likes and comments.  Take care and enjoy.  Let me play a song.


Visit : https://outosego.com/category/blocked/
Visit : https://outosego.com/category/blocked/

9 thoughts on “About Me, not about Us

      1. With a variety of recipes, full of ice cubes… haha… There is a wonderful and huge park next to me, with high trees, a zoo, and a pool ! But, i prefer to stay in. Imagine how hot it is ! I don’t want to move my butt. Not at all !


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