Work From Home. Really ?

Work From Home. REALLY ?


Let me laugh a bit  |  LoL …


PS 1 :  They advertise this shit, a lot.  They advertise, and they insist on the following which is that : You, the Blogger, can work from home.  Well, my recommendation is this : You better find a job, dear.

PS 2 :  Not that you can’t.  There are some jobs that they offer to the employee this kind of “convenience”, because it is the nature of the job such.  And you can work part-time or full-time under a written contract of employment.

PS 3 :  Then, we have the freelancer.  The freelancer is a person who has studies on his back and skills on a certain field.  The freelancer can work for thyself, or for a company, or for an organization under a written contract of employment, or for both : the Thyself and the Company.  Mostly, the freelancer is committed to Thyself, since he/she has skills, dear.

PS 4 :  The purpose of this post of mine is not to make you upset, or sad, or whatever.  But, when you see this kind of advertisement, be careful.  The funny thing is that when you check on the advertisers and you take a look at their blogs, or their websites, or whatever they have, it’s easy to understand that they are full of shit, since most of them have no idea how to properly configure their blogs, their websites, or their shit … lol …

PS 5 :  The guide i’m writing on the topic “Blocked Blogger” is a guide that will help you to get some skills, some wonderful skills, dear.  Because this is what you need, dear.  You need TOOLS to work with.  This is something that the so-called “advertisers” cannot provide.  And you waste your time by reading their shit, and you get confused, you get upset, and -sometimes- you think that the Thyself must be stupid.  No, dear, you’ re not stupid, they are frauds.

4 thoughts on “Work From Home. REALLY ?

  1. Oh, yes, dear, much fraud. On the other hand i don’t think, Susanne, the people should be scared. It is better to be careful and to suspect a few things. That’s all. And if they have something on their mind, a project of their own, they should better go on with this. It is hard in the beginning, but they’ ll find a way out. And there are a lot of free tools out there, to help promote thyself, or a project, or a product, or whatever the people want to promote or sell. And it’s better to keep things simple and honest. This is much more appreciated.


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