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This is the way, Outosego, likes to write the posts when at social.  I know that you know how to write.  However, this is an example in order to inform the :  

new_wordpress_users | or _ bloggers 

who they are interested : in _ promoting _ thyself , or their blog’s posts , or their artwork , or whatever .


The following example is from my twitter.  I didn’t share an article, or a post of mine through my blog’s social buttons (not that you cannot work on the post_structure, if you follow this procedure, you can).  I uploaded a picture and, then, into the twitter’s writing box i pasted the link which is related to my blog’s article, the one i wanted to share through this procedure.

Take a look, my wonderful_new_wordpress_blogger :




PS 1 :  TAGS have an internal function ( inside your wp_blog : you can turn them to categories ) and an external function ( to send and to search ).  Additionally, you can create a data_base when you’ re at social by writing and creating a tag, ( or a hashtag, if you prefer a second name for the tag… lol ) of your preference, like the few ones that you see on my example.

PS 2 :  You’ ll get an idea of what i mean when i say : “create your social database tag”, if you click on : #Outosego_Pissed

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