Upgrading to Business

wordpress .com business plan


Since i’m writing a guide on the topic, and in order to collect some information, i have to pay, dear.

Now, here’s what has happened.  I received an email from the wordpress .com, like the ones you receive.  Promotional emails, dear.  And they offer discounts, and coupons, which is an awesome shit !  But, sometimes, it is only, and just only : “Shit”.



Pay attention to the following :



On my email account : the promotional email

wp business plan 1


On my wordpress .com dashboard, or back-end : managing the plan

wp business plan 2


wp business plan 3


If you click on “Cancel Subscription and Refund” , you’ ll get the following :

Wordpress .com - refund


On my email account : the receipt

wp business plan 4


PS 1 :  Pay attention to the auto-renewal button and the payment method.  Click on the button to cancel the auto-renewal function, if you don’t want this to occur automatically.  And you may choose the payment method of your preference. 

PS 2 :  You may cancel your subscription and get a refund. 

PS 3 :  My guide -the one i’m writing on the topic : wordpress .com- will help you move a bit without having to pay the amount of money that they ask.  And you’ ll be able to sale your product, dear, and able to promote your blog, or Thyself.  Take care and enjoy.  Let me play a song !




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