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When you click on my “About”, you won’t see much about my studies.  Actually, there is nothing in there about my studies.  I have my reasons, and i don’t write much about my… whatever. 

However, one of my studies is Law.  Funny ?… Lol… This is a wonderful academic field, my young people.  Not because you become a lawyer, or an attorney, or whatever the name might be.  But because this kind of studies are wonderful since they make your brain work a bit differently, in an unusual speed, and -sometimes- “beyond” the limits.

What i have noticed, though, is that most of the modern lawyers in US are : Big Time Loosers, or Losers !

All i mean by this is that they are NOT fighters.  They know what i mean.  They know very well what i’m talking about.  Yes, there are some exceptions out there.  Some wonderful exceptions.  For sure.


PS : Let me play a song.


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