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Let’s say this is a “second” wordpress back-end -which, actually, it isn’t- but with a “bigger” and more detailed list of settings.

This is EASY, dear.


When you look at the web address bar on the top of your browser, type your blog’s address, and at the end of the .com hit the slash symbol ( / ), and then type : wp-admin, and hit “Enter”.

It looks like this : https://outosego.wordpress.com/ wp-admin


One of the reasons “Why” you should go there, is to get the shortcode from a video, which is in your media Library.

There are other reasons too, but i gave you an example. You better become familiar with this.  Explore a bit, it’s easy.

PS 1 : the shortcode is something like this : [ wpvideo blah ]. You can write words and numbers in the shortcode like : w=920 h= autoplay= loop=true.  This is useful, dear, if you want your video to have certain width, or height, and if you want it to loop automatically when it comes to the end.


PS 2 : Let’s assume you copied your video’s shortcode and you pasted it in your post.  The next move in order to write things in the shortcode is :

a) You click on your post’ s “html” button


b) You scroll a bit, if necessary, to find the shortcode


c) SUPER ! You found it, dear. All you have to do now is to click inside, at the end and before the last bracket, hit space and write : w=(the number of your choice), hit space and write : h=(i leave this one empty, but if you wanna write a number, go ahead), hit space and write : autoplay=(you better leave this empty, but if you don’ want this empty, write “true”, hit space and write : loop=true (if you want your video to be repeated automatically).

It should look like this : [ wpvideo blah w=920 h=666 autoplay=true loop=true ]

giphy (24)

Take care and enjoy.


PS 3 : My apologies, dear, i forgot this. Let’s assume you are already in the second backend or dashboard.  This is how it looks like, and this is how to copy your video’s shortcode :


You hit the media button and you choose your video.



When you choose the video of your preference, a window opens up like the following, and you scroll a bit to the right to find and copy the shortcode.  Then you paste it in your post.


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