Esostraefis | Εσωστρεφής | Εσω + στρεφής


The young people have this kind of tendency, to write the word “introvert” in order to express what they feel.

Back, during the old times, people didn’t pay much of attention on this.  They thought this might be a pre-teenage thing, or the changes because of the hormones and etc. Partially, this might be true, but i do not believe anymore that this is the main root of the “problem”, or of the status, or of the situation.

I can recall i had to go through this, and, now, when i think of it, i can tell this was something that had to do with the “environment”, all kind of “environments”, and, additionally, this had to do with an invisible creature who we have the tendency to call “Soul”, or “Self”, or “Thyself”.

This is, actually, very, very interesting.  And, NO, this is not a fashion !  Do NOT confuse this with the “imo” fashion.

This has depth.  It is an expression of feelings, and many more . . .

Yes, sometimes it has to do with the hormones and the body changes.  But if we insist to observe only this kind of changes -which is wonderful and they play a role, especially the skeleton changes- we are gonna miss lots of deeper things.  And the image of “thyself”, the image we see, and the image we would love to be, or adopt, as a “behavior” belongs to the deeper depths of the unknown.

I think we should be careful when we talk to the children, and especially when we come up with absolute conclusions. We better pay attention, since we’ ve been there.

Ps : Take care my wonderful young people, and enjoy a bit. Let me play a song.



4 thoughts on “introvert

  1. Thank you so much for this brilliant post! It spoke out just what I wanted to say for ages…!
    Many people around my neighborhood often feel that we call ourselves introvert just to show off “how extraordinary am I”. But this is not true! The word introvert links a thousand different feelings with it and sometimes it becomes hard to survive in this highly “extraverted” world.
    Thank you again for this wonderful topic!

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