VSDC, blogger

reliable and Free video and audio editor |


Everything and anything i recommend is tested by me.

I’m NOT a teckie, and this is something wonderful, dear.

I’m pissed with the teckies.  Lots of blah. . . BLAH. . . , dear.

They are always OFF the topic, when they write things and stuff.

You get dizzy and you want to puke, when you read them.

It is because of their education. Undoubtedly.


Where was i ? Oh, VSDC is my topic. Hell, yeah ! This is a reliable and FREE tool. Try it.

Here’s their website : VSDC Video Editor | Free


BUT, before you download the software, CHECK your operating system, if it is x32, Or x64 … and hit the button accordingly, dear.







PS : You’ re gonna Love this, my wonderful blogger.  But you have to play around a bit. Well, you already know this.  Enjoy !


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