Top of Nevada Falls Hike


Lori is a wonderful adventurist, and traveler, and blogger.  You should take a look at her blog, dear friends.

The following picture belongs to Lori.  It is from her instagram account.  I wanted to reblog this, but since there is no option, i found another way.

This is an opportunity to write a few things on the topic “Sharing Buttons”, but i think i’ ve already done it.  This is not a critique to Lori, or to the bloggers in general, but a way to check on things and stuff and help the new bloggers a bit to move around the wordpress and the social.  That’s all.  And you help me on this, when i check on your blogs, and observe different kind of things, like the structure, etc.


Lori is the owner of a wonderful blog, and you may visit her by clicking on : The Genx Travels




PS : Lori, say ‘Hi” to Steve.  He is a wonderful photographer, dear.

5 thoughts on “Top of Nevada Falls Hike

  1. Many thanks to you for the kind words. Steve also appreciates that you like his photos! I will look into the sharing that you speak about when I get home this evening! Again, many thanks! I am enjoying your blog and other social media’s as well. I am still trying to figure out Twitter but when my daughter comes later this week and I’m sure she can help me!!!

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      1. Thank you for the link! I truly enjoy blogging I have been an ER nurse for years and Even though I still nurse, I needed something totally different to recharge my mind and soul. Blogging, reading other blogs, and learning a lot of new things, has given me new insights and outlooks in life. Again, thank you for your kind words.

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      2. I totally understand you, dear. Very hard job ! Despite the fact i make my critique to the docs -I want to be honest with you- I Really Do Appreciate the nurses. I bend my Knee and i kneel in front of them.

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