Gods and Kids


Childhood Cancer | A “Mystery”

Gods are jealous of us.  And they are jealous of the Kids.

It is more than obvious to me.

Now there is something wrong with the fucken words.  Or there is something wrong with the so-called “societies”, which i fully respect, since they try to help.

But instead of speaking the truth out, they try to be politically “correct”, or they try to use the words in such a way not to insult anyone and to be kind.

Fake kindness, dear.

Who’s going to be insulted, offended, or whatever, you may ask.  The Gods ?

Who fucken cares about the Gods !  We care about the Kids.  Don’t we ?

The people in the laboratorium are going to feel offended.  The so-called “specialists”.

This is why the societies use the word “Mystery” instead of the word “incapable”, when they write things and stuff.


PS : My next post will be a post with numbers, with millions and billions, and dollars.



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