Fake Likes


Fake Kindness, dear | No longer available


I know you already know.  But i thought it would be beneficial for the new bloggers to get a taste about it.  In order NOT to waste time and energy when they get likes from bots, or robots, or fake accounts, or from accounts that they don’t care about your content.

I wrote -a few minutes ago- an article with the title “Gods and Kids”, and it’s about the childhood cancer.

For a reason, one of the tags  i used is the word “Money”.

Almost instantly i received a Like from the following user, or wordpress account, who is no longer available, but he/she/it likes the word “Money” a lot . . .




PS : Do NOT bite, and don’t waste your time with them.  We all Like money, and i have nothing against, but do NOT bite and don’t waste your time being kind to fake accounts and bots.  I insist on this.



29 thoughts on “Fake Likes

    1. Yes, Gav, it is annoying. The wordpress safety is not bad. BUT security gaps are all over the internet world. And this is why i inform the new bloggers for a few things.

      Here’s a “funny” thing. Today i read about a web attack at Scotland Yard ! On their email data base, and more…

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    1. You are welcome, dear. Behind the bot and the whole set up of their pages are a hand, and a mind, and different types of the so-called plugins. There is more, of course. It is NOT that they want to sell things and stuff, which is something i don’t have an issue with. It is that they want to get access to your email accounts, and to the numbers of your visa or whatever you use to pay things and stuff per month or per year. One of the things you pay through your wordpress account is your wordpress hosting, or plan, or whatever.

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      1. I will keep an eye out for this!! I rarely used computers other than for my job as a RN. Starting this blog has shown me a whole new world of computers! I wanted to do something new and challenging when I started this blog and I am learning more each day! Thank you for the information!

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      2. Thank you for sharing your experience, dear. Your blog is wonderful, and your idea to do something new was awesome. Keep up. The wordpress is taking care the spams and the viruses, or whatever you wanna call this kind of attacks. BUT, i thought it wouldn’t be bad to inform the new bloggers, the new wp users, for a few things, in order to be careful, since there is always a security gap in the internet world. I appreciate your comments, dear. Take care and enjoy.

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