Now Let’s Hike

“Life is to be lived with those you Love !”.
How nice, Nyri !

The Unnerved Traveler

Ok. Now that the kiddies have been settled and watered, everyone has gone to the bathroom, sunscreen and bug spray applied, its time to actually get out and enjoy the hike. The El Tovar trail provides options for all types of hikers, it also provides a smoother path to accommodate wheelchairs and also strollers. This trail is your introduction to the Grand Canyon, for those looking for the experience of a leisure stroll while glancing over at the magnificence of nature.

What You Will See

As you walk you will see small copper coins on the trail, that is the timeline of geology. Find your age as you walk.

Animals Along The Trail

Just as you will see squirrels monopolizing the time and attention from tourist, if you take a moment to look up you will most likely see and hear the sounds of birds. Not sure if what I…

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