Turn Around – 198/365

I didn’t expect this, but i’m really, really happy. Thank you Gav. You’ re a wonderful Soul, a wonderful human being, dear.


It’s amazing isn’t it, how something so simple can be so beautiful? I’m all for big dramatic and moody images, as you will probably have noticed; but also I find such a power and such a deep emotional attachment in very clean and simple images too. They expect nothing, and give so much!

That’s true of people too, and more specifically the actions they choose to take.

I had a day of it today, and without going into details felt pretty deflated all the way through until I parked my car on the drive.

Now, I often take ten minutes just sat in my car, on the drive way when I arrive home, especially if my head is still spinning with work stuff – I try not to take it into the house with me you see, so if I haven’t sorted everything in my head during the drive home…

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