26 thoughts on “Acrocorinth

      1. I wish i could tell. I like a lot the Ionian Sea, the part which is next to Italy, because the sea is crystal clear there. The archaeological sites are all over, and the museums.

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      2. haha… no problem, dear. I make mistakes and misspellings most of the time. I like archaeology for many reasons. I like to connect and compare things and stuff. I like to observe.

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      3. It’s a great way to reveal “secrets”. I read many of my friends’ mind by observing them and gave them a nice surprise. They thought I was very caring… Observation does bring you closer too ^ ^

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      4. I do believe you, dear. I imagine their surprise ! If i ask you to reveal a secret of the East, what would you say ? Unless if you wanna keep it secret, then don’t say anything, dear.

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      5. I don’t mind, dear. Let’s do an experiment. Draw me without having any kind of information. And Let’s see how “Consciousness” works ! What do you think ?

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      6. I am truly grateful for your time too 🙂
        At real world, I’m an introvert and I can’t believe that someone would enjoy such a nice long chat with me… Thank you so much! Have a great weekend!

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