Are you conscious ?

Oh, you are !

Which means that you have all of your senses, and they are alerted, and through them you can catch messages.  Messages from a surrounding environment of -and to- which you must be present. I have to repeat this : the Surrounding environment.

Somehow, this is what consciousness might be. “Con” means “all together, and at the same time”.  It means the whole “You”, not the whole “Us”. All of your parts, all of your functions  (body and mind).  It looks like this is a prerequisite in order to be aware, to operate, and to respond.

The closest, the nearest environment -that  we are in- is the body. Don’t you think so ? But, despite the fact we are conscious, alerted, aware of it, still we get no messages for the illness, the sickness, the cancer, etc.  Sometimes, we get, but most of the times we don’t.

And it’s either because we don’t understand the language of communication between us and the body, or because there is no language, or because it is an autonomous system that doesn’t give a fuck about you, since you don’t give a fuck about it and you’ re somewhere else, washing the dishes, reading a book, writing poems, making flirt, or whatever.

Now, what is the body (or who is the body), and who are we ? To my eyes, our relationship doesn’t look so harmonical.


PS : I observe that some people love to use the term “Consciousness” a lot, which is wonderful.  It would be much more beneficial, though, to put some content in there, in the idea of consciousness.



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