Giuseppe Mango


He was a wonderful musician.  The news are a bit old, since Giuseppe left us on December 2014, while he was on stage, performing.


Giuseppe “Pino” Mango was taken to hospital after collapsing on stage while performing one of his most famous songs. Witnesses said he had just struck the opening bars of his hit song “Oro” when he raised an arm and said “excuse me” to the crowd before collapsing. He died later in hospital after suffering a heart attack. Mango was married to another singer, Laura Valente, and the couple had two children together. During his career Mango blended Mediterranean pop with world music and folk influences, recording three of his 23 albums in Spanish. Italian news agency Ansa described it as the “perfect stage exit for an artist.” There was further sadness for the Mango family less than 24 hrs later, while attending his brother’s funeral, Giovanni Mango aged 75, also sadly collapsed and died.”


PS : Gods were jealous.


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