I won’t ask for God’s help





I will be a bit rude.  I’m a religious atheist. My morality is a morality of an unboundary compassion for the human kind.  For the death of the children, for the injustice,  for the evil which is dominant in history and in our society, for all these, i can’t excuse the existence of a god.  If there was a god, to me, he would be the evil in the universe, the sadist creator of the universe.

It is us, who we need a god and a religion, in order to comfort ourselves with promises for a life after death.  However, in my life, i never asked for god’s help.  I won’t ask for god’s help in my death.


PS : Alexandros Velios was a wonderful human being.  He was an extremely educated and cultivated person.  A wonderful thinker, a wonderful spirit, a wonderful gift to our society.  He suffered from cancer.  He asked for euthanasia.  Since euthanasia is not legal, he decided to move on… the way you can imagine. You may click on his name, if you wish to get some more info.  The last book he wrote was : “Me and My Death : The Right to Euthanasia” .

4 thoughts on “I won’t ask for God’s help

  1. Very interesting, a religious atheist. Not sure if I ever heard anyone use that explanation. I have friends who are atheist and those who are very religious and this provides for some great conversational arguments “we argue in conversations that are respectful”. Personally I am more spiritual, nature shows me that we have a higher being, what or who it is I have no idea, I just respect it. Very interesting as always.


    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, Nyri.

      I think you describe a “situation” -or a status- that is the same all over around the world. I mean the argument on the topic. The atheists and the theo-believers.

      I think we are all looking for answers -no matter what- and that we all have some kind of experiences in life that excuse the different point of views. And i think this is an old story.

      I like the kind of conversations you are talking about, since they are interesting. Personally, i criticize a lot a few attitudes, and i wish the gods to suffer one day the same way, we, the humans, suffer when we suffer. HOWEVER, i totally understand the need to believe in a superior power -despite my critique- and, especially, when someone is in a despair, hopeless. And, sometimes, the people are able to find the strength -through this- and to overcome the struggles. I know people -like you do- and they were able to go on in life and to overcome the unexpected sufferings. I TOTALLY respect them.

      My critique to the gods is on another level. And i want to be honest and to say that, despite my critique, i will visit a church -here and there- to “find” some kind of “peace”.

      Personally, i suspect that there is something, but this something is not related with what we were taught to believe it is. You might call it god, or “metaphysics”, or whatever you wanna call it.

      A professor of mine used to say that to declare an atheist is the same thing like when you declare a believer… lol…

      Ps : I think, Alexandros, used the scheme “religious atheist” in order to say ” Yes, i respect your point of view on the topic, but i have my own thoughts which are this and that…”. Thank you, Nyri. I wish you are doing great, dear.


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