Something… metaphysical


A wonderful lady wrote that she would love to experience something metaphysical.  And that was it !  That was all she wrote.  She didn’t explain what kind of metaphysical situation she would love to experience.

And i’m in shock !  Not because of her.  But because of all the women.  And because of the women of my life.  They throw words on the air, and you have to think ! To think of what she meant by this… hahahahahahahahahaha…

Is there any sexual shit underneath, or something “real” ?  Real like the metaphysics ? Or something metaphysically real ?… hahahahahahaahahaha…

A wonderful lady, once, and once upon a time, said to me : if i was a man …hm…   ( i assume you understand the rest of her words… hahahahaahahahahaha…).  I was in shock ! I didn’t expect that one !

I assume you’ ve heard about Aspasia.  Have you ? She was Pericles’ Mistress .  Because of her, you admire the Parthenon and the buildings that you see on the Acropolis.  Wonderful monuments, indeed !  But there is a story behind the achievement.  There is always a story, dear friends, behind a story.  And there are always women behind the story of the story… hahahahahahahahahaha…

Aspasia said something wonderful.  She gave a definition… hahahahahhahaha… She said that a woman should go to bed -during the night-  like a wonderful female (mistress), but to leave the bed -during the morning- like a wonderful daughter.  To give the impression that she was never touched by the male.

They drive me crazy !  But i Love them … hahahahahahahahaha …


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