Homo homini lupus

A man can be a wolf to another man |


A few years ago, i saw a picture. A picture of a girl.  She was a student.  I was reading a newspaper.  The international news. There was a demonstration somewhere.  I know the place but i won’t write the name of the country.  The students were asking for a few changes.  It wasn’t that big of a deal.

But sometimes, the leaders of a country are not happy with this kind of demonstrations.  Or they find that this is some kind of a great opportunity to show the people they have guts.  Who knows ?  There are crazy leaders all over.

Someone shot the girl.  And i saw a wonderful rose laying down dead.  I still remember how beautiful she was.  A peaceful face, but of a very, very rare beauty.  She was a Goddess, dear.  An amazingly beautiful Goddess.

Fucken fates, and fucken leaders.


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