This is Sparta, and the wrong assumption

This is a post to inform the young people mostly. I love theatre, and movies, and film productions from all over the world.  I, also, like Hollywood.

However, there is a tendency to misinterpret some stories.  It isn’t “I”, it is “They” who have this kind of tendency to misinterpret. I understand the reason “Why”, which is… many reasons !

Persians were, and still are, a wonderful and great civilization.  They are a bit unlucky, though, politically speaking.

And because they were great, Aeschylus wrote his play, during 472 bce, having on mind how great they were and how… unlucky they were at the same time.  This is why  Aeschylus’ drama focuses on the Persian court. Despite the fact he was very proud of himself, since he fought against the Persians.  He lost one of his brothers, though.  A bitterness he had to drink till the last drop.  Especially, because of the heroic way his brother was gone.   Furthermore, you can tell how proud he was if you read the epigram on his grave which is the following :


Αἰσχύλον Εὐφορίωνος Ἀθηναῖον τόδε κεῦθει

μνῆμα καταφθίμενον πυροφόροιο Γέλας·
ἀλκὴν δ’ εὐδόκιμον Mαραθώνιον ἄλσος ἄν εἴποι

καὶ βαθυχαιτήεις Μῆδος ἐπιστάμενος


Which means :

The Aeschylus, the son of Euphorion, the Athenian

This stone covers dead, in the wheat bearing land of Gela

For his youth and his strength, the field of Marathon can tell

Αnd the long haired Persian who knows it very well


But you won’t find the words -not even once- “victory”, “pride”, “how well”, “how nice”, and etc., when you read his play which is entitled : “Πέρσαι | Persae | The Persians”.

You will find words like : “great men”, “brave army”, “great King”, “pain”, “sorrow”, “loss”, “agony”, “poor mother”, “misfortune”, etc.

Now, you know, my wonderful young people.  I won’t write more on the topic.  Not still, not now.  You better read the source to understand and to discover a few more things.  The following link is a translation of the play, in English, and if you wish, you may click on : “The Persians”

Take care, and know that when we are all right, a tragedy might occur ! Unfortunately !


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