in the beginning 2

λόγος | logos | logy


I wrote that “logy” is equal to “speech” and “blah, blah” and “chat, chat”.  It’s easy for someone to understand that the “psyco + logists” like to chat chat a lot on the topic “psyche” or “soul”.

No matter if they have no clue on the topic, despite the fact they declare they are “specialists”.  Actually, they don’t have a definition for the term “soul”.  They can’t explain what kind of notion this is.

The oxymoron is that they use the term on a sign which is on their door and on the bell outside their office.  So misleading !  It’s not their fault, though.  Since the universities use the same term, and they promise you, you ‘ ll know things and stuff on the topic, after some 4 or 6 years of studies.  What a lie !


Now, in case you missed it, and in order to understand my post, click on :  “in the beginning 1”

I will only give some info, or an explanation of the word “λόγος | logos”, or “logy”.  The word doesn’t have one meaning.  This isn’t new !  When you speak your mother language, you already know that there are words with double and triple meaning, don’t you ?

1 meaning  : Words that come out of our mouth is the first meaning, blah, blah and chat chat, speech or discussion around a topic.

Which means that “gyneco + logy”, “psyco + logy”, “philo + logy”, “radio + logy”, “patho + logy”, “happen(o) + logy”, “whatever(o) + logy”, and etc.,  are subjects or topics that we like to chat chat a bit on them, or to have a discussion, or to speak out words (which is literally the meaning of the word).

2 meaning : the meaning we get when we use the word in mathematics.  This is important, dear.  Because, some poets like to write poetry having on mind the mathematics !  And they love to create different kind of poetical schemes using this kind of method.  “Ana + logy” is a word you already know, and this is just a tiny sample or example.  And there is a lot of mathematics “in the beginning”.

3 meaning :  The “cause”.  The third meaning is the “cause”, dear.  “λόγος | logos | logy” means also the cause. Was there a cause in the beginning ?  And since we don’t know the cause, wouldn’t it be wonderful to give a name to the unknown cause ?  And call it “God” ?

So, Word was God, and God was Word ?!




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