the cardiologist Lloyd Rudy

describes what happened with some people who were almost gone, and came back to life as we know it.  This is an extremely interesting video. 

Unfortunately, Dr Lloyd Rudy passed away less than a year after this video was posted.  This is an information i got when i started reading the comments, and started typing his name on Google.

What i’ ve noticed during the interview is the way he speaks.  Simple words, dear.  His smile.  What a wonderful smile !  His hands.  His  expression when he talks. How much vivid he is. And some other characteristics.  I can tell that this man was a clever mind and a wonderful soul.  I was so sad when i read the awful news about his loss.  It was like someone who i was so close with was gone.


Here’s the you tube link : Dr Rudy Lloyd

in case you can’t view it through you tube, here’s another link : Dr Lloyd Rudy



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