grey hair and wisdom

Not a proof, dear |

Grey hair is Not always a proof of wisdom. Not always, dear. Not always. Don’t get confused.  It’s another thing to show respect, and another thing to bite the nonsense.

The nonsense is nonsense.  We are all vulnerable.  However, when you’ re a public figure -which means you’ re famous, dear, and nothing more- you have to be a bit more careful when you open your mouth to speak to the public.  Of course, some people are famous because it is their job to speak nonsense … lol

Sometimes, though, the public figures try to manipulate their audience.  Don’t ask me “Why”.  There must be a reason, or a purpose, a cause, something…

Sometimes, it is obvious.  Some other times it isn’t.  And, sometimes, it seems like the audience is ready to push the “button”.  If you ask them “Why ?”, you’ ll probably get as an answer “in the name of Love”.  You won’t receive a “because…” as an answer, but “in the name of… something”.  They think they have the right to push the “button” in the name of their… something.

The following is an example.  I know you know the lady.  She is cute.  And she is wonderful.  She is an activist.

BUT… there is an oxymoron here, darling.

Because when someone sends a Love message to the humanity, you don’t expect that he -or she- would Love to reduce the number of people on the planet.  At least, i didn’t expect this one, dear.  You’ re lucky you’ re alive, dear, because Jane Goodall hasn’t got the magic power yet… LOL…

If you don’t believe me, watch the following video, dear.

jane 1


-My job is giving people hope

-Thank you, dear, for your sweet message… lol…

-I’d love to reduce the number of people on the planet.  But without causing any pain, or suffering

-Really ?  You better keep your distance, dear.  I don’t want this kind of Love, darling.  I learnt from my mother not to harm people, dear. I learnt NOT to harm anyone and anybody, darling. My mother, and my father, and my grandparents, dear, told me the following “DO NOT harm… especially when you have the magic power”.

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