korafai | v.test


Created video : w=900 h=666

Shortcode : [ w=900 h=666 autoplay=true loop=true ]

Videopress platform | site : perfect, no black bars, at both formats (standard and video)

Let’s check the back-end, the wordpress reader : Unfortunately black bars. The “Autoplay” doesn’t work since you have to click on for the video to play.  The loop doesn’t work (for some reason, sometimes, it works, and some other times, it doesn’t)

Before we start playing around with sizes and blah blah… let’s check the Facebook video platform : which is just perfect at the back-end  | no black bars and shit, only when you hover which is pretty logical.  No autoplay, you have to click on.  No loop.  Actually, the autoplay and the loop do not matter much, and sometimes it is better to avoid them.  If you use the videopress platform and you want to check how many times a visitor hit on your video, it is better to avoid the autoplay and the loop function


Let’s check the Vimeo platform : Just perfect when on backend, no bars.  There are some other issues, but i’ ll explain them another time. However not perfect when i’m on site, i have to center align this shit but we are facing a few problems. First issue is that when you use the video post format, the wordpress takes all the other video platforms and displays them to the top of the post, except of the facebook vids.  In other words, if you write a post and you want to use a video from you-tube and a video from vimeo, and you choose for your post the video format, you get the result i just mention, which is horrible. The following picture says it all.

vim 2


Let’s see, now, if i can manage to align the vimeo vid in order to look wonderful when i’m on my website.  The back-end appearance is wonderful, though. Shit and fuck, i can’t.  I think it is because i didn’t use the embed code.  I only used the simple method, i copied and i pasted the url address of the video.  Let’s see what is going to happen if i use the fucken embed code.  Let’ see.


Before you copy the embed code, you can choose from a few options that Vimeo offers, take a look at the pic below.



I chose responsive and all the other stuff.  I added the autoplay and the loopI want all of them, since i need to find out what is going to happen.

https://player.vimeo.com/api/player.js outosego | v. test : korafai from Theamon Film on Vimeo. outosego | v. test : korafai https://outosego.com/category/outosego-video-tests/

Oh, YES ! This is an accomplishment, dear.  This is what happened.  It went to the top, since i haven’t change my post format to standard, i’m still on “Post Format : Video”.  I have a wonderful alignment to the top and center.  Take a look, dear.

vim 3

BUT i get the following which is added to my post automatically, by only using the embed code.  I didn’t write anything.  This isn’t me. It is Vimeo.  I’m pretty sure.  Let’s say i’m almost sure.  I’m going to ask them and give them the chance to answer.

Because i hate it.  This is shit and fuck.  I hate it.  Why Gods ?  Why Vimeo ?

vim 4


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