Hasta Siempre





Wonderful song, and rhythm, and lyrics.  You don’t have to be a communist, dear, to like it.  You don’t have to be anything. 

Anyway, if you want to see something wonderful and amazing, click on Ron Mayhew’ s blog.  Not only he is an amazing photographer, but he has a special category dedicated to Cuba, to Havana and the Vinales Valley.

Ron is like a historian, dear, but he is holding a camera, and he knows how to use the camera, and when.  And he travels.  And he knows how to write, dear.  Click on Ron Mayhew and you’ ll remember me, dear.  The pictures belong to him.  I stole them for a good purpose.  My intentions are good, but i stole them.  Sorry Ron, you can have them back.

Take care, people.  Thanks for passing by.  Thank you for your comments.  Thank you for your likes.  I want you to know that when i see something nice, a wonderful article of yours, i share.  I always share.  Have a wonderful day.

Here it is, click on : Ron Mayhew | Cuba

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