My father, not my palzy walzy


Papa, let’s go baby. It’s first cabin all the way, sweetheart |


Ilona ( and Steve ( had a wonderful collaboration on the topic : Respect for old people

They wrote wonderful thoughts on the topic, and you better click on the links above to visit their posts, and read their thoughts.  As i was thinking on the topic, the following interview came to my mind.  Enjoy, dear friends.  I know you’ re nice, but show respect to the old people, young people.  Otherwise, i’m gonna kick your ass, babe.  Be aristocratic, dear.



” The legacy of love that my father left us lives even today. Papa… ha… here’s a guy, the sweetest, the dearest man I’ve ever lived. My father… not my palzy walzy, my #father
He looked at us , when we were kids, and you could see the love from his eyes permeating right to the marrow of our bone.

All the other things, business etc. , it’s all very nice, but its somehow bittersweet, because he is a man who broke his neck and gave his life to us, and now that we can say to him : Papa, let’s go baby, it’s first cabin all the way sweetheart, he is not here. So its a little bittersweet. “

PS :  Click on “So, Jim, tell me about your dad




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