I saved a girl

from studying psychology |

And she became a wonderful lawyer.  I’m so proud.


And the Oscar goes to Outosego.  Oh, dear friends, you can’t imagine how happy i am. I think you can. Let me dance for a sec.




PS: It was easy, actually.  Do you remember my post “Sexy Psyche” ?  If you don’t, click on it.

It was easy because i didn’t use any tricks.  All i had to do is to speak out the truth.  I said the following : “psychology is wonderful, my wonderful lady, but psychologists are shitty, and the schools are shittier than the psychologists.  You better ask them to invite you to the school in order to get a taste.  I’m sure you won’t need much.  All you need is to listen to a few lectures.  Then you’ ll come back to kiss me for saving your butt from the idiots, and for you won’t have to waste 4-6 valuable years of your life “studying” “psychology”.

It’s easy to guess the rest, dear friends … hahahahahahaha…

She said to me : “i, still, can’t believe the fact that they are so low, under the average” .  Because she was already a law student (first year) and she was able to compare words, things and stuff.

Thank you, my wonderful people, for passing by, for your likes and comments.  See ya !


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