Shaikh Ulfat

nominated for the Oscar


She said :

“Dear, Outosego, you deserve a Nobel, but for the moment be happy with an Oscar”.



Shaikh Ulfat is a wonderful lady and a blogger.  I am nominated by Shaikh for the award, and the prize.  Because i portrait all different kind of thoughts, dear.  If you don’t believe me, you may click on the following which is her post on her blog :  Shaikh Ulfat | Outosego for an Oscar


She wrote the following message :






As you might have noticed Shaikh is a beautiful lady, and she has questions.  I’m willing to answer her questions, dear.


How often do you does Online Shopping?
Would you like to visit my online selling portal? link:
What’s your Twitter- id?
Have you ever “Loved your own life” If “Yes” then why? & If “NO” then why?
Can you like my Blog Page on Facebook,link:
What are your Hobbies?
Have you ever heard about “Resellers Network” If “Yes” then OK! & If “NO” then,kindly visit given link:
Where are you from?
What’s your profession?
Would you like to connect with me on WowApp,link:
Is there anybody in your contact who provide Work-Visa? & that too at reasonable cost,from India to Dubai?


Here we go :

I love to buy words, things and stuff when i’m “online”, dear. Like your poetry, your books, your music, some nice perfumes as a gift to my wonderful Ego or to my wonderful Goddess, some flowers, vintage stuff and antiques, stuff for my office, and etc.  I find it very convenient, dear. And i buy very often using this kind of method, the “online” method.

I visited your online selling portal and i find it wonderful, dear.  i like the name “Elanic”.

It’s easy to find my Twitter, dear.  All you have to do is to hit the bell… my menu button.

Who doesn’t love his own life, dear ?  However, Gods are jealous of us.  This is the reason “WHY” we have moments, tragic ones, which is difficult to overcome.  Very difficult.

I just clicked on your Fb “Like”, dear.

One of my hobbies is blogging.  A second one is to observe, dear.

Yeah, i think so.  I think “Affiliates” is another famous word.  There is a bit of a difference, though.

Can’t tell where i come from.  You have to find out, dear.

Who cares about my profession, dear ?!

I would love to connect with you through “Wow App”, but i don’t use mobile often.

I don’t know a “Visa” specialist, but whoever is taking a look at this, right now, and he/she is a specialist, and he/she is kind, he/she will contact you.


PS: i wish i was helpful, dear.  Thanks again.  Keep on mind that i like to observe.  Take care and enjoy life, dear.


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